Vacuum Muffle Furnace by Therelek

A trustworthy name for a high-temperature furnace or muffle furnace, the manufacturer is Therelek Engineers. People are looking up to Therelek for its fine manufacturing for this laboratory heating device, i,e muffle furnace.  

Today, as a muffle furnace manufacturer we mainly introduce some of the more common submersible furnaces. Therelek takes extra care in the making of the muffle furnaces as they are indispensable instruments for various laboratories.


Therelek has already created a strong foothold in the market of such high-temperature furnaces which are mainly used for heating and heat treatment of various industrial and mining enterprises, various scientific research institutions apart from the usual usages in laboratories. Of course, there are valid reasons behind its popularity as stated below: 

# These furnaces have many advantages in measuring the temperature of the furnace using a temperature measuring ring.

# The temperature measuring ring is flexible enough to easily determine any corner of the three-dimensional space in the furnace.

# It is possible to determine the exact heating state of the combustion products. 

# These furnaces have the use of temperature measurement rings which can reduce or remove any requirement for combustion product geometry. 

# These furnaces are cost-efficient and great in having a check-in quality control in the production process. 

# The measurement ring comes with good consistency to deliver great reproducibility of the product combustion system.

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