Compact. Quick. Efficient.  – A new generation of heating.

With over 1000 Pyros worldwide, these rapid heating ovens are internationally proven to deliver the highest efficiency when it comes to mass production of tempering/stress relieving of your components – be springs or fasteners or cv joints or others; with a unique rapid heating technology that cuts down your process time and gives real value on your investment and excellent cumulative savings.


What’s more – the footprint of a Pyro is much lesser than a conventional furnace or oven, so you also save on valuable real estate.

Therelek has a technical collaboration with Pyromaitre, Canada and is the exclusive licensed partner to manufacture and sell the Pyromaitre range of furnaces and ovens in the Indian subcontinent.

Therelek has a demo rapid heating oven in our premises at Bangalore, so feel free to call us or write to us, send your components and realise the huge process time savings you can benefit by using a Pyro instead of a conventional oven! Learn how you can increase your output, increase your productivity!

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Types of Pyromaitre Ovens

Large Electric Continuous Furnace

Large electric furnaces/ovens are available in standard and customized configurations, to ensure these are designed with the durability and efficiency required to meet higher yield requirements for superior performance for your parts.

More about Large Electric Continuous Furnace

Medium Electric Continuous Furnace

The mid-sized, electrically heated continuous tempering ovens deliver high outputs at high efficiency and are robust in construction.

More about Medium Electric Continuous Furnace

Small Electric Continuous Furnace

Depending on your component size and volumes you can select one of the small electric continuous furnaces at the table in the right.

More about Small Electric Continuous Furnace

Large Gas Fired Continuous Furnace

Large gas-fired ovens are capable of very high outputs, versatile in operations and custom configurable for your requirements.

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Medium Gas Fired Continuous Furnace

Pyro’s range of medium-sized gas-fired ovens are used if the mode of heating is preferred to electrical.

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Applications of Pyromaitre Ovens


Controlled heat transfer can be beneficial to various annealing and recrystallization processes up to 540°C. The high convection and the resulting uniform heat transfer ensures that all your parts are evenly heated up and allow for optimisation of your recrystallization processes. With the growing need for lighter components as well as more efficient manufacturing process, Pyro is eager to solve your challenges with annealing of your cold formed products by eliminating your bottlenecks and allowing you to efficiently process your parts in a limited floorspace.

Stress Relieving

The benefits of high-speed stress relief are most relevant in the suspension-spring industry. This is one of the many applications where Pyromaitre has enjoyed its greatest success. One customer was stress relieving suspension springs with a 16 mm (0.629”) wire diameter in 96 minutes. Pyro’s high-precision heat-transfer oven was able to reduce cycle time to 6 minutes. The customer enjoyed massive energy savings of 25% per part produced and a 50% economy of floor space. This lead to many new systems being sold rapidly. This application also lends itself to manufacturing any valves and suspension springs for cars, trucks, buses and trains. This application is also ideal for producing household, heavy-duty and even military components.


High-speed tempering of Constant Velocity Joints is one of the many successful examples our innovation. The story began with the acceptance of high-speed tempering at the Ford Motor Company in 1999. With an aggressive 10-minutes cycle time, manual part handling was eliminated, and work-in-process reduced by 90%. Many major CVJ suppliers have since replaced their in-line induction tempering process with Pyromaitre’s high-speed technology. As the induction tempering process was once the bottleneck of the production line, its elimination allowed line capacity to almost double. This application is now an integral part of the automotive industry.

Why Choose Therelek?

Pyromaitre has developed and designed ovens that are capable of stress relieving and tempering parts faster (up to 10 times faster) while maintaining the same or better part properties and consistency. Many manufacturers still use outdated recipes while manufacturing becomes increasingly competitive. Pyromaitre’s ovens are precise and versatile, allowing users to eliminate the guesswork by reducing or eliminating soak time.

70% savings in floor-space; 90% setup-time savings and the resulting potential for production increase; Potential to reduce and even eliminate soak time (as many studies and customer’s reports show it is possible to get good parts faster).

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Industries Served

  • Springs
  • Suspension springs
  • Torsion springs
  • Wire forms
  • Valve springs
  • CV Joints
  • Leaf Springs
  • Shafts
  • Torsion tubes
  • Crankshafts
  • Induction hardened parts