Vacuum Carburizing Furnace System by Therelek

Therelek Engineers has got a seamless specialization when it comes to providing world-class vacuum carburizing furnaces or systems for various industries across different sectors, apart from other heat treating services and co-related applications.

Our vacuum carburizing furnaces has already catered to numerous companies related to automotive, metallic industrial and aerospace industrial components, motorsports, and also some commercial very prominent industries with multiple quenching requirements. 

Vacuum carburizing or as we mostly know the LPC-Low Pressure Carburizing), carried out by Therelek’s vacuum carburizing furnace systems involves impeccable heating up of parts; followed by the addition of carburizing gases (acetylene/ hydro-carbon) under an absolute pressure of a few mbar. The steel absorbs the carbon and hence creates a high-end layer of hard metal or case.

What are the advantages of Vacuum Carburizing Furnace systems?

Benefits of Vacuum Carburizing

  • Zero discolouration as it is in a vacuum, no percolation of impurities can happen that might get the metal scalded or discoloured. 
  • No risk of oxidation.
  • Enhances the quality of multiple properties of the metals. 
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Easier to get quicker results.
  • Extremely simple and easy to operate system. 
  • Easy maintenance system.  
  • Very low Initial capital equipment investment cost. 
  • Convenient for high volume output.

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