Vacuum Hardening Furnace Manufacturer

Therelek Engineers have successfully well-sculpted an exclusive place for itself in the global market when it comes to the manufacturing of furnaces for metallurgy activities. The vacuum hardening furnaces by Therelek are made of high-quality materials to meet both national and international quality standards. 


Therelek’s vacuum hardening furnaces, which are commonly used for heat treatment of steel alloys, and heating of steel to a pre-fixed temperature, followed with its instant cooling, have been keeping a great track record in terms of its customer feedback for quite a long time by now. Some of the advantages that the vacuum hardening furnaces of Therelek, come up with are as follows:  

  • Fully automated
  • Uniform Heating and Cooling
  • Least thermal stress due to uniform heating 
  • Seamless avoidance of slightest oxidation
  • Being absolutely eco-friendly
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Performance Consistency 
  • Accuracy in handling temperature variations 
  • Finest end result 

A vacuum hardening furnace by Therelek is known for being speckless when it comes to heating and vacuum quenching in a controlled atmosphere.

This becomes very essential as it reduces the volatility of certain metal workpieces thereby ensuring the quality of the heat treatment of the concerned workpieces. All these, leave no doubt on Therelek being one of the global leaders in its market segment.

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Vacuum Hardening Furnaces by Therelek

Bottom Loading/Vertical Vacuum Furnace

Hearth support for job weight from 25 kg to 1000 kg. Rotary – Roots pump combination / Diffusion pump / Turbo Molecular pump based vacuum system.

Vertical Vacuum Furnace

Front Loading/Horizontal Vacuum Furnace

Our Horizontal Vacuum Furnace has cold wall construction with metallic/graphite hot zone. The door swivels sideward and the material is loaded from the front.

Horizontal Vacuum Furnace

Bell Jar Furnace

Therelek’s Bell furnace is designed with optimal performance for high sensitivity and delicate components.

Bell Jar Furnace

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