Compact Vacuum Furnace by Therelek

It is a matter of record that Therelek Engineers has successfully pushed itself as one of the largest manufacturers of vacuum furnaces in India. We are driven by the constant commitment to research and develop new technological solutions, in order to be able to offer the best quality products and services to multiple industries across various sectors. 

We have gained specialization in the production of vacuum brazing furnaces, vacuum sintering furnaces, vacuum heat treatment furnaces, vacuum quenching furnaces, vacuum annealing furnaces, vacuum tempering furnaces; apart from compact vacuum furnaces, and products in a similar line of metallurgy. 

Key Advantages of Compact Vacuum Furnace by Therelek

  • Zero chances of oxidation and decarburization of the surface of the workpiece.
  • Minimum energy consumption.
  • Fully automatic control for intelligent, unmanned or remote operation control. 
  • Built-in stainless steel heat exchanger, for zero pollution to water used in the production process. 
  • The maximum amount of efficiency.

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