Vacuum Resistance Heating Furnace by Therelek

Like any other segment in the world of vacuum furnaces, Therelek has popularised itself and reached great heights for its great vacuum resistance heating furnaces as well, apart from other types of vacuum furnaces for various metallurgical works.

Therelek vacuum resistance heating furnaces are majorly favoured by various industry leaders, because of their unparalleled advantages. Some of them are listed below:-

# Therelek’s resistance heating furnace is capable of achieving any temperature up to 3000°C.

# Uniform heating is made easy by placing elements along the walls of the furnace chamber or by forced circulation in the furnace.

# Easy and automated control of power and temperature conditions. Resistance furnaces are designed in a way that alleviates the work of personnel and smoothens the automatic transfer lines.

# Overall functioning in these furnaces are very compact in nature.

# Therelek vacuum resistance heating furnaces, being well sealed, offer a secure environment for every concerned process, whenever heating is done in a vacuum; or involving a gaseous medium forbidding oxidation or a special atmosphere for chemical case hardenings, such as carburization or nitriding.

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