For outputs of 250 to 750 Kg/hr

Depending on your component size and volumes you can select one of the small electric continuous furnaces at the table in the right. These tempering ovens are robust in construction, design specifically for efficiency and productivity. The PS series of small electric continuous ovens work at high speeds and provide excellent process time cycles and significant heat loss control, ensuring maximum outputs for your components. These ovens can be used for processes up to 540°C for applications like tempering ovens for springs, stress-relieving ovens for cv joints etc.”

Features & Specifications

Model PS-103E PS-106E PS-128E PS-168E PS-208E
Chamber size (WxLxH) 255 x 1830 x 100 255 x 1830 x 100 300 x 2440 x 100 405 x 2440 x 100 255 x 1830 x 100
Overall size (WxL) 710 x 2645 710 x 2645 760 x 3255 810 x 3255 710 x 2645
Capacity/hour 310°C, 410kg

370°C, 335kg

420°C, 290kg

310°C, 410kg

370°C, 335kg

420°C, 290kg

310°C, 650kg370°C, 510kg

420°C, 425kg

310°C, 725kg

370°C, 565kg

420°C, 465kg

310°C, 410kg

370°C, 335kg

420°C, 290kg

Power 24 KW 24 KW 39 KW 45 KW 45 KW

*Higher output available

Special Applications – Tempering of Induction Hardened Parts, Tempering of Crankshafts


Stress Relieving

High-speed stress relieving started with torsion springs in the 1990s. The first ovens yielded 30% rejected parts. After series of time and temperature tests, the processing temperature was increased by 100°C, far above the temperatures then recommended. Cycle time was thus reduced from 60 minutes to just 3 minutes for a CrSi 6mm wire. Best of all, this new in-line process yielded no rejects. This process efficiency was consistently proven and reproduced on many other types of springs since then.


The leaf spring market has presented several opportunities for conversion to lean tempering. In addition to the significant speed advantages (40 minutes as compared to the conventional 2 hours) our ovens deliver further operating-cost advantages. While conventional ovens require a 3 million BTU burner system, a Pyro oven with the same output only requires a 1.5 million BTU burner system. Moreover, the shorter oven length enables the use of air cooling rather than the use of water.


More about Small Electric Continuous Furnace

Industries Served

  • Springs
  • Suspension springs
  • Torsion springs
  • Wire forms
  • Valve springs
  • CV Joints
  • Leaf Springs
  • Shafts
  • Torsion tubes
  • Crankshafts
  • Induction hardened parts