Large Vacuum Furnace by Therelek

Therelek’s Large Vacuum Furnace is known to have a well built cold wall as a structure with metallic or graphite hot zones. Our large vacuum furnaces are designed in a way that ensures excellent uniformity throughout the chamber.

Rapid cooling of high-pressure gas is carried out in our large vacuum furnaces, which is required for various other engineering processes. These furnaces have excellent process parameters and can support various job loads and sizes. Complete automation is possible for vacuum and heating cycles.

Key advantages of our Large Vacuum Furnace are as follows:

  • Perfect uniformity in the temperature range (1100–1500°C /2000–2800°F).
  • Well control over the temperature that too within a small area.
  • Least chances of contamination by carbon, oxygen and other gases.
  • Quick cooling or quenching of the product.
  • Fully computer operated in order to ensure metallurgical repeatability.
  • Least chances of oxidation and other issues on the similar line of reactions. 

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