• The muffle of the furnace is engineered to keep the heat inside, and the construction designed to have a low skin temperature.
  • This 1200°C muffle furnace is electrically heated with coil heating elements supported on ceramic tubes generally provided on both side wall and back wall.
  • Wherever high temperature is required, elements are provided on the hearth protected by a hearth plate on the door and also on the roof as the case may be.
  • The coil heating elements supported on ceramic tubes are completely exposed and it provides maximum heat transfer efficiency.
  • These coil elements provide high control accuracy and excellent temperature uniformity for the best results of your process and product.
  • Each furnace undergoes a multi-point inspection & test before dispatch.
  • These furnaces are also offered with additional features like inert atmosphere operations, oxidizing atmosphere operations and reducing atmosphere operations with sealed retort and additional gas controlled features.
  • Tube attachments with capability of operating under controlled atmosphere and vacuum can be provided in smaller sizes.
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Therelek’s muffle furnaces use wound coil elements and come with a range of standard features :

  • Precise temperature control using a PID programmable controller to easily set and define heating and cooling rates
  • Highly efficient thermal insulation using vacuum formed ceramic fibre boards and special light refractories with excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Standalone control console optional
  • User friendly guided door operation
  • Plug and play ready to use furnace
Technical Specifications
Model TES – 12
Operating Temperature 1200° C
Heating Elements Coil Heating Elements
Atmosphere Options Air, Inert


L (mm) 100 150 200 300
W (mm) 100 150 200 300
H (mm) 150 200 300 450