• In order to meet your requirements for process measurement & control, therelek brings you our range of thermocouple and temperature sensors.
  • All types of Thermocouples and RTDs are available calibrated in standard types, various specifications, colour codes and lengths.
  • Therelek brings you its highly efficient range of calibrated thermocouples and RTDs.
  • It is best suitable for various industrial applications where process measurement and control is an essential function.
  • Rigid and flexible thermocouples are available with metal and ceramic sheathing as well as seamless metal sheathed mineral insulated thermocouples and can be selected based on application


  • Good for general purpose applications
  • Not preferred in moist atmospheres
  • Used in atmospheres lacking oxygen
  • larger gauge wires recommended at 540oC and above
  • protection tube recommended for longer life due to iron content


  • Oxidizing and reducing atmospheres
  • Protection tube recommended
  • Good operation in moisture presence
  • Suitable for wide operating range in low and cryogenic temperatures


  • Nickel based, excellent output in high temperature applications
  • Better resistance to oxidation than K type at high temperatures
  • Longer life in applications where sulphur is present
  • Stable to temperature cycling


  • Preferable operating rages from -250oC to 500oC
  • Excellant accuracy
  • High linearity over limited lower temperature range -40oC to 85oC
  • Wide operating temperature range
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  • It is used in most applications especially for oxidizing atmospheres
  • Preferable metal or ceramic protection tube and must in reducing atmospheres
  • Nickel based and good in corrosion resistance
  • Widest operating temperature range


  • Vacuum and inert atmosphere
  • Mild oxidizing or reducing atmospheres
  • Not subject to corrosion at cryogenic temperatures
  • Highest thermal EMF output per degree


  • Nobel metal thermocouples
  • Easily contaminated
  • Protected with gas tight ceramic tube/bead, secondary tube ceramic tube and metal or silicon carbide outer tube
  • Not to be inserted directly in metal tubes


  • Can be used in oxidising atmospheres and inert atmospheres
  • Not to be used in metal tubes
  • Contaminates in high temperature


  • High and linear EMF outputs at high temperatures
  • Good chemical stability at high temperatures in hydrogen, inert gas and vacuum
  • Cannot be used in oxidizing conditions