Low-Temperature Vacuum Furnace by Therelek

It is a matter of record that we, at Therelek Engineers, have gained unparalleled success in providing customizable high-temperature furnaces, heat treatment systems and custom-engineered industrial heating solutions. Therelek’s low-temperature vacuum furnace is one of the key products that has helped us in achieving this and we are basking in the glory like never before. 

Our low-temperature vacuum furnaces are designed for the main low-temperature heat treatments such as ageing, annealing, brazing, tempering, stress-relieving, and other processes. They are competent enough to decrease the cycle times and offer an excellent uniformity in temperature. The increasing global demand for low-temperature furnaces might be just a result of these important advantages.  

Key advantages of our low-temperature vacuum furnaces:

  • High-end productivity and energy efficiency 
  • Environment friendly 
  • Least possibility of surface damage like oxidation, etc.

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