High Temperature Vacuum Furnace by Therelek

As a distinguished commercial heat treater, Therelek Engineers comes with the most stringent quality certifications, an exhaustive process capability range and customer approvals from some of the world’s most quality conscious organizations. 

The high-temperature vacuum furnaces that we have delivered so far, as part of a heat treatment facility, are fine-tuned to the individual needs of our customers, and operate with maximum ease and minimum maintenance; something that only an experienced furnace manufacturer can ensure. 

Advantages of High Temperature Vacuum Furnace by Therelek:

  • Assured World-class Quality.
  • All our high-temperature vacuum furnaces can be used with either an inert gas or a reactive gas.
  • Zero chances of surface oxidation or discolouration.
  • The majority of the product range in our line of High-Temperature Vacuum Furnace is available with either ceramic fiber, molybdenum, or graphite insulation.
  • Come with the Least distortion.
  • Guaranteed flux free brazing.
  • Assured Safety and High-end efficiency. 
  • Customizable furnace insulation chambers.

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