Lab furnaces


  • Lab furnaces used for heat treatment of parts for R & D and testing are made small, compact and exactly as the user defines it.
  • These can be used in labs for developments or as prototypes to be later on implemented on a larger industrial scale.
  • Therelek’s custom made lab equipment like bell jar atmosphere and vacuum furnaces, raising hearth furnaces, tubular furnaces, vacuum and atmospheric hot presses, calibration furnaces, chamber furnaces and box furnaces in temperature operating ranges up to 3000°C are offered.
  • Precise temperature control, well regulated control atmospheres and high vacuum systems form the core of these equipment so the results acquired and repeatable and accurate.
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Technical Specifications
Operating Temperature 1400 °C
Heaters SiC


Technical Specifications
L (mm) 200 300
W (mm) 200 300
M (mm) 200 300
Kw 6 10
Rating 415V, 3Phase, 50Hz 415V, 3Phase, 50Hz
Max. Load(Kg) 20 50


Optional Spare Parts
Thermocouple K Type
Heating Element Silicon Carbide
Fuse For thyristor