Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace


  • Therelek’s Vacuum Induction Melting furnace (VIM) is used in secondary refining or metallurgy, to refine alloys in fluid state and adjust chemical composition and temperature.
  • This increases the required quality demands of the material.
  • Therelek’s vacuum induction melting furnaces are generally used in secondary refining of many complex alloys in aerospace engineering.
  • The material gets homogeneous and clean after refining and removal of dissolved and bonded impurities.
  • The vacuum levels is set to be in the range of 10-1 to 10-4 mbar during the refining phase.
  • Our furnaces comes with vacuum / controlled atmosphere and precise control for melting.
  • The melting process is comparatively easier in VIM, attributing the independent control of time, pressure, temperature and transport through melt stirring.
  • In the process of vacuum induction melting, we have flexibility to control the alloy composition by sampling & addition of required alloys.


  • Small batch sizes
  • Quick change in program of steels and alloys
  • Easy operation
  • Reduction in Oxidation losses
  • Compositional tolerance achieved
  • Precise Temperature control
  • Low environmental pollution


  • Used in aircraft engine components for casting
  • Used in making super alloys
  • High purity metals and alloys are refined
  • Re-melting of electrodes
  • Investment casting
  • Strip casting
  • Atomizer in production of metal powders
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Furnace Type :

Cold Wall (front loading, top loading)

Melt Zone :


Temperature Range :

800°C to 2200°C (furnace)

Standard Applications :

Vacuum Induction Melting


5 x 10-6

Vacuum System:

Rough Vacuum by Rotary-Roots combination

High Vacuum by Diffusion pump / Turbo Molecular pump

Heating Elements :

Induction Coil

Instrumentation & Automation :

Induction Coil Controller, Pyrometer, PLC, SCADA, HMI