Large Electric Continuous Furnace

For outputs of 1000 to 5000 kg/hr

  • Large electric furnaces / ovens are available in standard and customized configurations, to ensure these are designed with the durability and efficiency required to meet higher yield requirements for a superior performance for your parts.


  • These are available for wide range of applications where processing within 540°C is required, including for tempering and stress relieving.


  • Even though for a Pyro these are large, these rapid electric continuous stress relieving furnace is conventionally compact!
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Technical Specifications





Chamber size (WxLxH) 510 x 2690 x 205 510 x 2690 x 205 1270 x 3455 x 205
Overall size (WxL) 1400 x 3260 1400 x 3260 1680 x 4575
Capacity / hour

310°C, 1025kg

370°C, 1785kg

420°C, 1475kg

310°C, 1025kg

370°C, 810kg

420°C, 670kg

 310°C, 4210kg

370°C, 3425kg

420°C, 2945kg

Power 63 KW 63 KW  210 KW
*Higher output available


Special Applications

Tempering of Induction Hardened Parts, Tempering of Crankshafts