Aerospace Heat Treatment Vacuum Furnace by Therelek

Vacuum Heat Treating In Aerospace

As a matter of known fact, one of the most important uses, in terms of the vacuum heat treatment of aluminum alloys, is manufacturing of certain items or machinery parts related to the aerospace industry. Primarily it is used in manufacturing of aircraft structures. The point to be noted here is that the selection of the alloy type for an aircraft design is important, but not more than the heat treatment used on the metal.


As a matter of fact aircrafts get operated in extreme environmental conditions and hence the strength of an airplane is very crucial. Speaking of which, this strength is dependent on the grain structure of the alloy and again that in turn, is absolutely dependent on the fineness of the vacuum heat treating. Therelek’s vacuum heat treating pertaining to the aerospace industry has grown quite evident. Airplane engine, exhaust parts, parts of land based generators, and auto racing bell housings, are some of the commonly vacuum heat treated items.

Top advantages of such vacuum heat treatments of items/parts are like:

  • Parts turn out  fine and ready for further forming
  • The processed parts are formed without any scaling or discoloration
  • The finely treated parts do not require any further cleaning

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Aerospace Heat Treatment Furnaces by Therelek

Bottom Loading/Vertical Vacuum Furnace

Hearth support for job weight from 25 kg to 1000 kg. Rotary – Roots pump combination / Diffusion pump / Turbo Molecular pump based vacuum system.

Vertical Vacuum Furnace

Front Loading/Horizontal Vacuum Furnace

Our Horizontal Vacuum Furnace has cold wall construction with metallic/graphite hot zone. The door swivels sideward and the material is loaded from the front.

Horizontal Vacuum Furnace

Bell Jar Furnace

Therelek’s Bell furnace is designed with optimal performance for high sensitivity and delicate components.

Bell Jar Furnace

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