Vacuum gas nitriding furnace

  • Therelek Engineers has designed and developed a range of Vacuum Gas nitriding furnaces to meet the growing demand of surface hardening of critical components of automobiles components, tool and dies, aircraft parts, machine tools parts, etc.
  • The designed standard models Vacuum Gas Nitriding furnace are made very power efficient operator friendly with configured as state of art features in the system.  The designed Vacuum Gas nitriding furnaces has ability to control the concentration of nitrogen on the surface. thus allows the user to control the growth of the compound layer.
  • Apart from our standard models we have expertise team for customizing as per process production needs.


  • Fast gas cooling arrangements.
  • Exhaust gas neutralizers.
  • HMI with touchscreen operation.
  • Excellent process repeatability.
  • Very dense bulk load.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Gas exhaust cracking (optional Analyser NH3)
  • Excellent process repeatability.

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Furnace Type :

Cold Wall / Optional Hot Walled Retort (front loading)

Hot Zone Construction :

Cylindrical / Cubical

Temperature Range :

700°C to 900°C (furnace)

Temperature Uniformity :

± 5 °C, NADCAP compliance.

Hot Zone :

Graphite resistance / Optional Retort hot walled with ceramic insulation

Process Gas:

N2 / NH3 / mixture of both using MFC in gas panel

Vacuum: range

Vacuum System:

Rotary-Roots combination

Heating Elements :

Graphite / Kanthal

Gas Quench :

up to 5 bar

Instrumentation options :

Thyristor, Programmable


Model no Hot zone size

W x H x L in mm

Max load weight (kg) Main power in KW Heating Power in KW
TVNF-400 400 x 400 x 600 200 70 50
TVNF-600 600 x 600 x 900 600 120 100
TVNF-900 900 x 900 x 1200 1200 200 165
TVNF-1200 1200 x 1200 x 1200 2400 350 315

TVNF-XXX is for Graphite furnace

TVNF-R-XXX is for Retort design furnace