Steel frame induction furnace

  • Our steel frame induction furnace has features for hydraulically operated furnace lid and lining push out mechanism.

  • Steel frame furnace design introduced to provide rugged furnace design for medium size furnaces under high power furnace design with magnetic shunts around Induction coil.

  • It has features of light weight in construction, easy to operate and maintain.

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Technical Specification

Power Rating

Frequency Rating

Furnace Capacity

500KW – 750KW 1200Hz / 600Hz / 200Hz 1000Kg
750KW – 1250KW 1200Hz / 600Hz / 200Hz 1250Kg
1000KW – 1500KW 1200Hz / 600Hz / 200Hz 1500Kg
1000KW – 1500KW 1200Hz / 600Hz / 200Hz 3000Kg