Box type Induction furnace

  • Box type furnaces are made with Aluminium frame structure supported by M.S tilting frame and mounted on M.S frame stanchion suitable for hydraulic tilting operation.


  • These furnace sizes are selected for each application according to required furnace capacity and power rating as desired by customer from the various ratings of equipment designs and technical specification.
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Technical Specification

Power Rating

Frequency Rating

Furnace Capacity

75KW – 100KW 3000Hz / 1200Hz / 600Hz 150Kg
100KW – 250KW 3000Hz / 1200Hz / 600Hz 300Kg
250KW – 500KW 3000Hz / 1200Hz / 600Hz 500Kg
500KW – 550KW 3000Hz / 1200Hz / 600Hz 750Kg
750KW 3000Hz / 1200Hz / 600Hz 1000Kg
750KW 3000Hz / 1200Hz / 600Hz 1250Kg
750KW 3000Hz / 1200Hz / 600Hz 1600Kg