Induction melting furnaces

  • Therelek medium and high frequency Induction melting furnaces provide quality Induction melting.
  • This is done to obtain maximum productivity, minimum energy consumption and in addition offer trouble free performance of the furnace.
  • We make competent Induction melting furnaces for prosperous foundry operation and customer satisfaction that is need of the hour in foundries.
  • Our Induction furnace use electromagnetic induction for heating and melting metals like iron, steel, aluminium, copper, gold, silver, brass etc.

  • Therelek’s high quality medium frequency induction melting furnace and high power systems ranges from 750KW to 3000 KW power rating.
  • The induction melting furnaces range comprises box type, steel shell and steel frame.
  • Our furnaces are equipped with energy efficient capabilities and capable of reducing production loss.
  • Our furnaces reduce dust and pollutants during the industrial processes.