Bogie Hearth Furnace

  • Our Bogie Type furnaces are suitable for heat treatment of large and heavy loads and are designed to operate upto 1150°C.
  • The parts or charges loaded onto a furnace are heavy and require material handling facility.
  • When the hearth moves out of the furnace heating chamber, parts are loaded by means of an electrical overhead crane (EOT).
  • If required, special charge loading mechanisms can also be provided based on the user’s job profile, lack of material handling facility or overhead space constraint.

  • The bogie movement is motorized for easy handling. Similarly the door movement would be with motorized gear drives or hydraulically / pneumatically actuated.
  • Our Bogie hearth is used in applications like Annealing, Stress Relieving, Hardening, Tempering, Normalising, Post Weld Heat Treatment, Wire Annealing, Case Hardening, Blueing, Austempering, Austenitizing, Homogenizing, Billet Heating, Pre-Sintering, Sintering, Mould/Core Heating and Preheating/Preheating for forging.