Bell annealer


  • Bell Annealer brings in excellent temperature uniformity, consistent quality and good production rates
  • Bell Furnace is suitable for black, bright and spherodized annealing of steel coils, non-ferrous strips, wires and general heat treatment processes upto 1100°C
  • Bright annealing of cold rolled steel strip coils, and heat treatment of medium and thick hot-rolled plate, long products and wire coils are done using bell type furnace
  • Type of furnace is usually rectangular or cylindrical form, single or multi-stack gas or electrically heated.
  • Continuous purging of ammonia is deployed throughout the annealing cycle to avoid decarburizing.
  • Overhead crane is used to load the base and move the equipment
  • Coils are tilted to the right position and placed on the annealing base.
  • The convection and heat transfer occurs in the base assembly
  • Forced atmosphere circulation is used with the help of radial fans for temperature upto 950°C to improve convection.
  • The cooling happens when furnace is removed with inner cover acting as protective atmosphere
  • In both strip annealing and wire annealing, the convection flow goes up on the sides and down the center.
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Temperature Range:

  • Upto 1100°C

Standard Applications:


  • Vacuum Formed Ceramic Fibre Boards / Ceramic Fibre Blanket & Module / Refractory Brick Lining

Heating Media Options:

  • Electric / Gas Fired

Heating Elements:

  • Nichrome Wire / Special Alloy Resistance Heating Wire

Instrumentation options:

  • Thyristor, Programmable Temperature Controller, Temperature Recorder, PLC, SCADA, HMI