Vacuum Gas Quenching Furnaces

Martensitic steels are super-hard alloys that are structurally desirable as well as essential for many manufacturing industries; especially those of automobile components, crane pins, etc. Such steels are basically essential for fields or applications that require tough material frameworks. 


Unfortunately, austenitic steels are hard to transform into martensite. The transformation doesn’t happen unless the heat-treated alloy is quenched instantly. This is exactly where a powerful and highly pressurized gas quenching furnace of Therelek comes into leadership.

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Vacuum Hardening Furnaces by Therelek

Bottom Loading/Vertical Vacuum Furnace

Hearth support for job weight from 25 kg to 1000 kg. Rotary – Roots pump combination / Diffusion pump / Turbo Molecular pump based vacuum system.

Vertical Vacuum Furnace

Front Loading/Horizontal Vacuum Furnace

Our Horizontal Vacuum Furnace has cold wall construction with metallic/graphite hot zone. The door swivels sideward and the material is loaded from the front.

Horizontal Vacuum Furnace

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