Case hardening

Case hardening process is done by hardening the outer layer of steel while maintaining a soft inner metal core. This is done for the carbon addition in the steel and the hardening depth depends on the application of case hardening. Case hardening is generally carried out for carbon steel forgings, steel pinions, machine parts for manufacturing etc. Case hardening is carried out in producing horseshoes, cooking utensils and other bulk steel materials. This is carried out on the top surface and for a limited depth. Greater hardness gives better wear and fatigue resistance.

The case hardening is a process where the low carbon present in the metal combining with higher carbon contents. The grouping makes the metal much harder and thus by adding low carbon metal, it can be easily molded into desired shapes. This increases the product strength and assist in iron weakening. Materials like firefighting equipment, cast iron, frying vessels require longer service time. Case hardening plays an important role in construction industry for reinforcing girders, metal panels and doors. This is performed after formation of component into its complete form.